Carson Brommeland, better known as Brom, is a driven recording artist from Calgary, Canada. His sound is deeply rooted within the punch and grit of old-school hip-hop, yet it also tips its hat to the modern scene.

Ever since his early production experiments back in 2014, Brom has been striving to create music with an open mind, pursuing his endless curiosity and creating unique tracks through experimenting, making mistakes and learning new things in the process. Throughout the span of his career, he had the chance to open for influential artists such as Astronautalis, P.O.S., Sweatshop Union, Mac Lethal, and many more. Recently, he unveiled a brand new project titled Malaise, which is currently available digitally. This release marks a significant step forward for Brom, who keeps pursuing his sound and increasing his following, one track at a time.


Brom’s production aesthetics are balanced and direct, with songs characterized by a fat bottom end, a silky top end and an edgy lyrical flow that sits right on top of the tracks.