“Dreamy, atmospheric melodies and rhythms, underlining passionate emotionally-driven lyrics.” 

Carson Brommeland, also known as Brom, is a Calgary-bred, Canadian hiphop artist. In 2014, he began to teach himself how to produce and make his own music out of curiosity and necessity. Through trial and error, lyrics were written over beats and Brom's first songs were made.

By not making music for others, but more as a creative outlet, he never thought there would be much of an audience for what he had made. In the summer of 2016, he released his first Ep entitled “Bones”, which would help begin to establish a name for himself and his music.

In a short time, he has found himself opening up for artists including P.O.S, B. Dolan, Sweatshop Union, Mac Lethal and Madchild among others. He continues to build his fan base and push himself to create inspiring, quality material.

Fresh off of tour supporting Astronautalis and Transit22, he has just released his second self-produced album entitled “Malaise”.